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Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Our Goals

Medical Record Analysis
Prevent Denials by submitting "clean claims" the first time using a triple verification process.
  1. Ensure correct and updated patient information on claims.

  2. Verify patient eligibility and benefits.

  3. Follow carrier specific coding guidelines.

Optimize Accounts Receivable:
  1. Establishment of Electronic Funds Transfer

  2. Electronic Remittance Advice

  3. Clean Claim Payment within 14 days and outstanding accounts receivable under 60 days, depending on insurance policy.

  4. Follow-up on all claims, submit appeals, and monitor clearinghouse reports.

Evaluate Medical Office:

Improve efficiency within the practice by examining the business practice and making recommendations on how to increase revenue, efficiency, and patient satisfaction.


Allow Your Practice
to Focus on What’s Important,
Your Patients!

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