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What Clients Are Saying

I am lucky to be working with Joann for three years.

She works tirelessly and is very passionate in her work.

She is bright, organized, and diligent in her work. Everything is done meticulously and in a timely manner.

Her collaboration and leadership skills were truly impressive. Joann has garnered nothing but respect from our staff and they view her as an excellent leader.

Raquel Empedrad, M.D.
Fellow, ACAAI

It was such a pleasure working with Joann when I joined the practice in 2006 (as one of the practicing allergist) until my retirement in 2021. I witnessed firsthand Joann’s outstanding work ethics, dedication, and exceptional performance during my 15 years with the practice.

Regarding her office management and administration skills:

Her proficiency in managing the day-to-day operations of the office was evident from the beginning. Joann demonstrated exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and a strong ability to prioritize tasks efficiently.

One of Joann's most commendable qualities is her unwavering commitment to creating a positive and efficient work environment. She consistently maintained a high level of professionalism, fostering a workplace culture that prioritized collaboration and open communication. Joann's interpersonal skills were evident in her interactions with both staff and patients, always ensuring that everyone felt valued and heard.

In addition to her exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills, Joann exhibited a strong work ethic and a keen sense of responsibility. She approached her tasks with enthusiasm and dedication, going above and beyond to ensure that all aspects of the office ran smoothly. Her proactive approach to problem-solving and ability to handle challenging situations with grace and composure were truly commendable.

Joann's contributions extended beyond her role as an office manager. She actively sought ways to improve processes, streamline workflows, and enhance overall efficiency within the practice. Her innovative mindset and proactive attitude greatly contributed to the success and growth of the practice.

Patients and other clients consistently praised Joann for her professionalism, courtesy, and efficiency. Her commitment to providing excellent customer service greatly contributed to our positive reputation in the community. Joann's ability to handle client inquiries, scheduling, and other administrative tasks with a patient/customer-centric approach significantly contributed to our practice's success.

Joann also became a true friend. Upon my retirement, we continue to keep in touch and share our family and life stories. I have missed working with her. I wish her all the best!

Ruby C.E. Reyes, MD

Fellow, ACAAI

Joann DeJesus has been managing our practice and billing department for many years. She has successfully navigated the ever-changing landscape of medical billing and has been key to keeping our Allergy and Immunology practice growing and thriving. Joann pays attention to detail and stays on top of all the claims. She is an excellent office and billing manager and has implemented many successful office policies over the years!

She is an asset to our practice!

Ligaya V. Centeno, M.D.
Fellow, ACAAI

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